Louisiana Academy of Sciences

    Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The purpose of Special Interest Groups is to facilitate discussions between members of the Academy concerned with a particular field of interest in science. Special Interest Groups are internal to the Academy and therefore may not represent the Academy publicly.  A Special Interest Group may, however, present material to the Executive Council for public dissemination.

Each Special Interest Group will have a Lead Communicator who must be a member of the Academy.  The Lead Communicator shall be identified with contact information on this web page and shall have the following responsibilities: (a) to facilitate communication between the members of the Special Interest Group, (b) to serve as the point of contact between the Special Interest Group and the Executive Council, (c) to notify the Executive Council if this role passes to another member of the Academy.  Members of the Academy may join or withdraw from a special interest group by contacting the Lead Communicator.

Any member of the Academy may submit a proposal to the Executive Council for creation of a Special Interest Group. The proposal must include the following information: (a) name of the Special Interest Group, (b) brief description of the field of interest, (c) name of the Lead Communicator, (d) e-mail address of the Lead Communicator.  The Lead Communicator may submit a proposal to the Executive Council to dissolve a Special Interest Group, or the Executive Council may consider dissolving a Special Interest Group at its own discretion.  

    Active SIGs

There are currently no active SIGs.


Membership is open to in-dividuals, organizations, and institutions that are engaged in the advancement of science or the goals of the Academy. More Information

    Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is usually held in March. Scientists from throughout Louisiana are invited to attend and to present the results of their research. More Information


The Proceedings of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences: A peer review research journal. More Information

Louisiana Scientist:  Bulletin of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences. More Information


The Louisiana Academy of Sciences provides small grants to individuals or organizations to further the purpose of the Academy. More Information


The Academy is governed by the Executive Council, in accordance with the Academy’s Constitution and Bylaws.


Please direct general corres- pondence to the President.